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Inspired by the talented ladies at As We See It, this little space on the web is a place for friends separated by physical distance to stay close and have some fun with photography. We'll take turns posting on a different topic each week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puns, by Susan

Moment of Reflection

Weight and C

Wild Cards

Balls to the Wall


Megan said...

Balls to the wall-very cool. Again, How? But I like the weight and c best I think. Although I think the balls to the wall is frame-able in a funky artsy type of way.

susan said...

I will admit to "cheating" with the Balls to the Wall photo in that I used Photoshop. I used the high chair as a makeshift tripod, aimed the camera at a corner and set the aperture small so I had a large depth of field. Then I used the timer to take six or so photos, tossing a pair of raquetballs at the wall just before the camera went off each time. It actually took quite a bit of adjusting to get everything dialed in right. Then I just combined all the pictures in Photoshop, laying one over another, over another, masking out everything except the balls. It was tricky, but fun!

And were you really stumped by the water to wine picture? You're going to laugh... I took a glass of wine. And then poured some water into it ;)

Mr. Catchpole said...

Your neighbors love you!

susan said...

It was the middle of a weekday; fairly certain no one was home. Now, as for the other sounds, courtesy of our two little weasels, that come from our apartment at all hours of the day or night... ;)

Megan said...

I didn't say I was stumped. I figured that's how you did it. Yet it's still super cool to me. I'm still completely delighted. :)