A Place To Begin

Inspired by the talented ladies at As We See It, this little space on the web is a place for friends separated by physical distance to stay close and have some fun with photography. We'll take turns posting on a different topic each week.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Grades, or Things that get an A+ in Megan World

A+ to my view

A+ to wheel lines on a warm, sunny day

A+ to spring flowers

A+ to hoar frost that turns my world white


susan said...

Gorgeous shots, all. And that's definitely some A+ sprinkling. ;)

Mr. Catchpole said...

The sprinkler shot actually has a letter A in the way the spokes cross each other in the shot. Very cool.

Mr. Catchpole said...

You know, there's an A in the clouds in the first picture too.

madre said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

susan said...

And an A made by the bottom petals of the front flower.

Mr. Catchpole said...

And in the branches!

Just goes to show, the human brain is pretty good at drawing straight lines.


All the pictures are excellent, outside of the random elements that can be construed as A's.

You rock Megan!